Request for Help to Send Kids to Camp

Winter Camp 2018

Awesome programs for grades 3-9

Thanks for taking the initiative to get your kid to camp. We sincerely hope the aid we can offer is enough to help make it possible for your child to attend.

In short, the process is simple.  If you qualify for assistance, you will be able to take one of our lowest price tiers.  You can qualify in one of two ways:

  • Send us proof of your free or reduced lunch status
  • Send us your prior year tax return (1040) to demonstrate your income is below the guideline.  To see the guideline, click here.

In addition to proof of qualification we need you to actually sign up for camp!

  • Registration form: you can download it OR fill out the online form (if you’ve already sent it, then this part is done).
  • Deposit of $50 for summer and $20 for winter (which will be applied to the total cost of camp). If you haven’t already you can make a deposit online.

Please remember that these rates are heavily subsidized.  We work hard to raise money for campers who can’t pay.  You can help! If you have a friend, family member, church, community organization or someone else who can help pay, please take a higher tier and get their help.  OR, they can make a donation straight to the camp. If you can get even a little help from another source, we’ll be able to help more kids get here!  Also, you could volunteer time. During programs there is much to do and in the off seasons we need help with cleaning, maintenance, print and digital design.  If you have a skill we can probably use it! Email amber @ to give time.

If you have your proof of lunch status, mail it to the camp or email to camp @

DEADLINE – May 31. Have all forms to us by this date or we cannot offer you any aid this year.