Capital Purchases and Fundraising Projects

As you know, we do not figure capital expenditures into our pricing for camp.  That way campers get to pay less which means they can come more often.  And that helps us accomplish the mission.  It also means we need help when upgrading tools or taking on special projects.  Will you help us with the projects below?

Annual Fundraising continues with the Annual Benefit Auction, Kids To Camp, Staff Matching and the ongoing subsidy of the overall program.  If you are more interested in that giving, well have at it!

Volunteering is an important part of the Bethany Birches support system. Many persons give many hours over the course of a year.  There are many ways to volunteer.  Whether you are young or old or in between, join in the fun.  Sign up for volunteer emails here or see some regular volunteer options here.


Help replace this important tool that saves us money annually.

Dollars Given: $17,000
Dollars Goal: $17,000

Program Upgrades

Give directly toward items the campers use.

Backcountry Ski Experience!
Dollars Given: $7500
Dollars Goal: $11,000

Pond Beach Construction

Space to play and hang out for campers who aren't swimming.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 3.09.49 PM
Dollars Given: $7000
Dollars Goal: $7,000

Building Upgrades

Dollars Given: $10000
Dollars Goal: $10,000

Project: Cabin and Directors Residence

These are two important buildings at camp!  The cabin is where staff stay during summer camps and campers stay during winter camps.  The Director’s residence is where both Executive and Program Directors live.

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If you’ve ever stayed in the Bethany Birches Cabin you know it’s a key part of our programming.  It houses staff during the summer, campers during the winter and in between seasons.  On the side the cabin earns a little cash when renting to family, church and other groups.  For a long time the main floor has needed a flooring upgrade!  About $4000 of this line is for the flooring upgrades in the main floor.  Another chunk is to run the wood boiler into that building so it can power the pavilion AND the cabin.  We are also looking for a few new sofas.

With regard to the Directors residence some of this allotment is for a whole house fan and whole house humidifier.  Please check in with Brandon if you have questions or want to help. We can always use volunteers on projects like this! brandon @ or call the office at 802-672-5220

Bathhouse Entry

The walkway is a mess!

bathhouse curtains

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Bathhouse renovation happened in 2005.  At that time the walkway was redone and upgraded from grit and grass to large cut stone.  The surface created back then allowed a wheel chair to move along and into the bathhouse.  Over the 13 years since, winters and use have taken a toll.  Our goal is to pull up the stone that’s there, prepare the base by adding some material, reuse what we can and buy some additional stone.

Time Given: $1000
Dollars Goal: $1,000

Strategic Planning

Preparing for the future with help and wisdom!


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Many people and organizations think about where they are and where they are headed.  We do it in our faith journeys, careers, thinking about the raising of our children and many other areas of our lives.  Camp is no different.  At camp we often think about how to proceed into the future (at least to the degree we have influence over the future).  The Board has hired Design Group International (DGI), which is the same group we worked with during the pavilion project. DGI is helping us in our planning.  Our goal is to be thoughtful and strategic about the next steps we take at camp.  We will consider additional programs, facilities and staff.  We will consider opportunities and challenges we are facing. The cost of this project is the DGI fee and the board retreat focused on the planning.

Dollars Given: $0
Dollars Goal: $13,500

Basketball Court Resurfacing

Now's the time!

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We have been doing minor maintenance on the basketball court/ice rink since it was built in 1999. It’s time to do a proper resurface. If we let it go past this year a simple resurfacing job may not be enough to fix it. Along with this resurfacing we will also be adding games like four square, and hopscotch to the court creating more fun activities for campers.


Dollars Given: $5000
Dollars Goal: $5,000