Launch programs are designed to comfortably launch a camper into new experiences. Campers have the opportunity to try out some traditional BBC activities, as well as some unique to the Launch program. Campers can receive swim lessons if they would like them. In addition to the kind and caring counselors trained in conflict resolution and homesickness, campers are introduced to basic outdoor living skills.  Of course, there are traditional BBC activities like Gaga, Slip N Slide, Scavenger Hunts, Arts & Crafts, Pig Trough, Camp Shepherds, and Swimming in the Pond!

Day Camp

Ages 5-9

Day Camp is an affordable and fun alternative to summer daycare! Day campers experience much of Bethany Birches but sleep in their own beds at home each night. Each week will have its own unique theme along with activities and games to go along with that theme.


Monday through Friday for the weeks of 6/24, and 7/1.

The week of 7/29 runs Monday through Thursday, ending with dinner on Thursday night.

Check-in is 8:15-8:45am.  Pickup is 4:00pm.


Tier IV: $195

Tier III: $155

Tier II: $80

Tier I: $40


Pick up daily from the Woodstock Town Green and the Bridgewater Mill Mall for an additional cost.

($50 for the weeks of 6/24 and 7/1, and $40 for the week of 7/29).

Launch Half

Ages 6-9

Launch Half is for children ready to try the sleep-away camp experience.  Don’t worry; it’s only 2 nights so it’s a good test.  Parents are welcome to join in Tuesday evening for dinner and sharing about the week.




Tier IV: $200

Tier III: $160

Tier II: $80

Tier I: $40

Launch Full

Ages 7-10

Launch Full is for campers who are ready for the full experience! 4 nights to ease campers into the full week experience.




Tier IV: $380

Tier III: $305

Tier II: $150

Tier I: $75

What's Different About Each Session?

Not sure what session to send your child to? Just want to know what the different sessions are all about? Check out the Session Highlights to see what activities are unique to each session.