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Summer Camp 2019 Now Open

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*If you have been to a BBC program in the past we have a camper account for you. Don't remember your username? We'll give it to you! Email camp @ or call 802-672-5220.

FREE VIDEO! If you’re able to pay top tier for summer 2019 we will add the week’s video at no charge.  Can’t afford top tier? You’ll still be able to buy the video.

More info on:

  • Summer programs here
  • Winter programs here

*If you are unable to register online please call the office (802)-672-5220 and we will help you register until the paper registration form is complete.

Want to learn about tiered pricing?
Read this short description or watch this awesome video!


If you have been to a BBC program in the past we have a camper account for you.  If you do not remember your username for the account, PLEASE get the necessary info from the office.  Email camp @ or call 802-672-5220.

If you are new, go ahead and make a new account.

I’ve never used this new online system. How do I get my username/password?

ANSWER: if the camper you’re registering has NEVER been signed up for a program at Bethany Birches, go ahead and create a new account.  If the camper you’re signing up has been registered but you do not have a login, please email (camp at or call the office at 802-672-5220. If you get voice mail, leave your name, campers name and your email. An account login will be emailed to you.

What happens if I create a new account even though I’ve already had campers at camp?

ANSWER: you will not be able to see all the history for this camper nor retrieve all the data you’ve already in the system. And, we’ll have to delete the new account and give you a login to the record that already exists.

Why has the camp changed the way it was doing online registrations?

ANSWER: we feel the old system was not as user friendly as the new one for return campers and parents with more than one child.

How is the new system better?

ANSWER: lots of ways!

  • You can use your mobile device.
  • You’ll only have to enter all of your information once… for years to come, it will be saved and all you’ll have to do is log in and add programs for your child(ren)
  • One single login for each camper – if you have more than one child, you can attach each of them to your account.
  • No lines! By summer 2014, we intend to create an early registration process that will allow you to complete (or simply update) your forms online and then skip the registration line.
  • You can store credit cards on file so that when you’re registering with your mobile device at a distance, you don’t even need to get our your wallet (the server your card data is hosted on is very secure and not visible to any camp staff ever or any staff person of the card processing center).
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

What if I don’t want to use the online registration process?

No problem. You can ask us to mail a paper form to you.  Usually the winter camp and summer camp pages have a downloadable version of the respective forms.