Campaign Update:

March, 2017

The campaign goal was met at the end of 2015!  The goal was to raise $1,800,000.  $400,000 would be for operations during the campaign and the rest for the new pavilion.  God, through many of you, has made the mission possible. The mission of replacing the camp’s main building.

The fundraising goal of $1,400,000 was not enough to complete the building. To date the new Pavi has cost us almost $2M.  Many supporters have contributed and we have paid for almost everything!  We have two simple things to do to wrap this project up:

1. Pay back a personal loan of $100,000 (if we pay this year, 2017, the loan holder will charge NO interest at all).

2. Finish a couple things we phased (kitchen equipment, wood boiler, climbing wall, etc.).  The bottom of this post has a current list as of December 2016.

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