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Shamu reports from India

Counselor Shamu is back for another round!  He checked in a few weeks ago from India. He’s tired and thankfully, will have time to rest up before summer camp.

Leaf Vid

This past weekend was grrreat. Teens and staff at camp playing games, learning and growing together. Hard to beat.  We raked some leaves and piled them high. Part of the reward for doing the work was jumping in them!  Here’s a video we made doing just that.


Pavi Blasting (with dynamite!)

In order to sink the new pavilion into the ground just the way we wanted it, we needed to do some blasting. With dynamite. The very competent folks at Main Drilling and Blasting did a great job. And now the ground is prepared to finish excavation!

Sparkles put together a video so you could see it – make sure to watch in full screen!

Would you consider helping from a distance by purchasing tickets for the mini bike raffle?!

See The Bike

Career! The intersection of faith and work. Tuna and Cheeks share with Christopher Dock High School Students

A number of weeks ago I got an email from John Stoltzfus, the campus pastor at Christopher Dock Mennonite High School.  He wanted to know if Cheeks or I or both would be willing to come share about the intersection of faith and career in our lives.  I thought about it for a day and realized that not only would I enjoy being back at my alma matter, I have a deep passion for young people and their search to figure out what to do with their time.  It was a stressful journey for me and so I wrote him back and told him I’d love to share with the Dock students!

Here’s what I said.  Cheeks worked her schedule out to be able to come also. She was able to share a small part of her story.

Segment I (9 min.):

How have your faith and career intersected?  I’d love to hear about it.

Winter Camp: Cure for the Common Winter

At camp, we tend not to do commercials. We aren’t a commercial place and we try hard to remain rustic. We cook meals over the fire, use wood to heat buildings, use cast iron to cook food, light our way at night with gas lanterns and all sorts of other old-time stuff. This lack of technology at camp helps keep distractions at bay (although, let’s be honest, cast iron and gas lanterns are awesome technologies!).

As we learn how to communicate with the outside world, we try to demonstrate camp as best we can so those who haven’t yet been to camp, can gain a sense for how fun it really is. Each winter camp session, campers just can’t seem to get enough tubing!

We used video to demonstrate how much campers LOVE to tube in this 30 second commercial.


See you at winter camp?


Newsletter 2013: BBC TV

For years the wonderful staff and campers at camp have been creating many videos (hundreds!).  A lot of those (less than two hundred) made their way to Youtube. It was such a shame to let them sit there, lonely and unwatched so we decided to create BBC TV.  There are currently four channels: Summer, Winter, Staff and Everything (clever title, we know). You’ll find them here: BBC TV

Boating on the ice!

We didn’t take the dock out until nearly thanksgiving! Here’s how that went:

Snapshot of Summer and “How does Camp help others?”

This is my final post for the summer. It’s hard to believe it has already come to an end. Once again I have so many reasons to be thankful and praise God.

It’s been good to have some time to reflect and I think what stands out to me most about this summer more than what I’m taking away is what I feel like I was able to give. I might not have learned specific lessons from God and grown in any way that I can clearly identify, but I think I did move closer to discovering what drudgery is in a job and how it is a necessary part of every task of eternal purpose. So although I would often find myself lamenting staring at a computer screen for hours in the basement, I also discovered this less-than-enjoyable aspect of creating a DVD to be well…the only way to create a DVD! And through this DVD I was able to give the campers something valuable. I was the only staff member who had a job that could be shared with campers and oh what joy it was to be able to share. By giving the campers the opportunity and tools to film their experiences and record their counselors sharing things that count, and then preserving this all on a DVD that they could take home, I was able to give them the means to take a positive “snapshot” or piece away from camp. It gave them the power to capture both the fun and the life-impacting stories and truths that had changed them, giving them perhaps multiple snapshots to retain a very live memory of what for many is a fleeting mountaintop experience. I hope by having invested themselves in the video process that took to create the DVD and having earnestly desired to instill camp on camera, that in re-watching the work of their own hands again and again these campers (as well as the ones who didn’t film)  can be reminded of what God taught them that week and of the staff that they were surrounded with that inspired them to live a life following Jesus, and that they can find a way forward from this experience.

In this clip the staff talk about how BBC facilitates this intimacy with God. (note: this is unedited footage that I quickly pulled together, but still wanted to share). I hope these words, expressed by perhaps the most genuine, God-fearing staff that I have ever had the privilege to work with, will direct others to this community where barriers are torn down and love overcomes.

until next year!



This summer I learned the about the power of stories or testimonies as in a profession of how God has been experienced in someone’s life. Just looking at the bible, it is clear the power stories have had in testifying to who God is and by reading other people’s experiences with God our own conception of God can be expanded as we begin to see that face of God for ourselves.  I’ve been realizing more and more how everyone has come from a broken place and have seen God make himself known in the darkness. Yet so often we neglect to ask “where are you and where have you been?.” It’s so easy to ask “how are you” with meaningless intention that is so often reciprocated by an empty “good,” but I find we rarely take the time to share what counts. So the last week here at BBC I decided to ask the teens about when they first began to follow Jesus, any stories along that journey and how camp had been a part of it. Each interview went in a slightly different direction and it was exciting to hear campers share not just where God had showed up in their life, but how they were currently striving for a relationship with him. The best part was hearing how camp had been the influence in their life to facilitate this desire to know God.

I like to think of my story with God like a thread. At a certain moment I can only see that thread and sometimes as it’s being woven throughout my life it’s a concealed stitch holding me together when I’m despairing and I can’t see anything. Other times I see it up close so that every fiber is visible to my now believing eyes. Yet it’s not until I stop and look back and become honest with myself and others that I’m able to see the beautiful fabric that thread is sewing. I think that masterpiece in progress is worth making known and praising God for. Even when things seem hopeless I think there is hope at least that God is not finished.