the number of spots available in this summer’s program. That’s 427 young people who can have a transformative experience.  427 young people who will get more exercise than they usually do; who will feel love and acceptance; who will learn new skills; who will make new friends… all in a safe God-focused place with well trained, caring staff.

We need your help!

Will you share with your friends, family and community about Bethany Birches so that 427 young people have this powerful experience?

You Can Help!

Share on Facebook

Sharing Bethany Birches’ Facebook posts and events is a great way to spread the news.  Find summer events here and let your friends know which ones your children are attending.

BBC and your school or church

One mom who is a school nurse is helping us tell her whole school about camp!  Not a nurse?  That’s OK. Everyone can do something.  If you’d like to help us make a connection, please email Dan camp @ bethanybirches.org or call the office at 802-672-5220.

Share in Person

Know someone with a child who would love and benefit from a week at Bethany Birches? Let them know! Your own experience and involvement is the best way to share about camp.

Invite Friends to Camp

Camp is even more fun when you bring friends! If your child brings a first-time camper to their same session they will both receive a free BBC 2017 t-shirt. Bring three new friends and your child gets a free week at camp!

Days Until Camp Starts

2017/06/25 10:04:45

Percentage of Camp Filled


Full Sessions = Progress

Campers are signing up left and right and attendance is the highest it’s been in the spring ever. That’s good!  As a heads up, there are a few sessions that are currently full.  We will update this page as sessions fill so check back on progress. Full sessions include:

  • Expedition Boys and Girls
  • Day Camp A Boys (there is still some room for a few more girls that week).
  • Day Camp B Boys (there is still some room for a few more girls that week).
  • Day Camp C Boys (there is still some room for a few more girls that week).
  • Core X Boys and Girls
  • Launch Half Boys (there is still some room for girls, as well as for boys in the Launch Full program that runs during the same week.)

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