Counselor In Training (CIT)

Counselor in Training

Duration: 2 Weeks: 7/21-8/1, 2019

Applicants can fill out the short application as part of the online registration process. Questions? Call camp- 802-672-5220

  • Teens who are 15 or older and finished with freshman year of high school.
  • Young people interested in developing leadership skills.
  • Teens interested in growing your faith in God.
  • Young people hoping to fast-track the process to being staff at BBC

Teens must first go through the application process and be accepted into the program

  • To have a ton of fun while engaging in an experience that will help shape your future.
  • To deepen your Faith
  • To develop your Gifts
  • To learn to lead & serve
  • To learn skills to be a stellar staff at BBC
  • To practice loving those around you

This is a Two Week Session focussed on:

  • Exploring and developing gifts of each unique intern
  • Being a role model to younger campers
  • Spending time with a mentor
  • Experiences of sharing and learning designed solely for the internship program
  • Learning skills needed to make camp happen
  • CIT only sessions focused on developing leadership skills, faith and fun.

This first week is focussed on developing the skills necessary to work with campers at BBC. You’ll attend sessions, go through trainings, and interact with campers all while developing unity among the Intern team and having lots of fun too!

Here’s some of what you’ll do during this first week:

  • Get into the groove of camp life.
  • Explore self including leadership, talents, gifts & weaknesses through times designated to:
    • Leadership development
    • Spiritual Gifts
    • TAWG (Time Alone With God)
    • Learning counseling skills
  • According to interest/skill leading/assisting in a variety of stuff including but not limited to:
    • Leading interest groups (A&C, Outdoor Adventure, Drama, etc)
    • Set up/take down of events
    • Assisting with video production
    • Cooking, cleaning

Here’s where the rubber meets the road! You now get to put your developing skills into practice.

Here’s more of what you’ll do during this 2nd week:

  • Mentor Connection
  • Partaking in Cabin Craziness including
    • Cooking over the fire
    • Cabin Community
    • Group Dynamics
  • CIT Only Meetings includi : late night kitchen raids, post pond swimming to name two.

The space between:

  • Exploring an alternative form of BBC Programming
  • Leading a small group of campers through
    • Wilderness Skills
    • TAWG in the wilderness
    • Exploring alongside campers and staff the wilderness, our creator and times of quiet.
    • Opportunity to lead, relax, explore and experience community.

How to Apply:

  • Register for the CIT Program
  • The online registration will include an application form for you to fill out
  • Send in your references (details on application) – get two references and send them to us.  After that, we’ll get on the phone with you and have a short interview.  Any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact the Office  at 802-672-5220 or
  • Not all applicants are accepted into this program. It’s a unique program and the application process is designed to show us if you are a good fit.