Session Highlights


Shortened Week

Hike down to the creek that borders camp’s property all the way to the treehouses.

Scavenger Hunts

Mud Pit Play

Mud Pit Play can include soccer, volleyball, olympic relays, extreme mudball, making mud castles and/or free mud time. Campers have the option to get as messy as they can or cheer their shelter mates on from the arena. Points awarded for messiest cabin, camper and counselor.

Unique Weekly Theme

d have a ton of fun!


Ga Ga craze began in summer 2011 when BBC first added a Ga Ga Pit. This summer there will be more opportunity to play this unique form of dodge ball. Ga Ga will be part of cabin challenges, free time and interest groups. Don’t miss out on this exciting, fast paced, fun for everyone addition to BBC.

Swimming Lessons

Creek Hike

Interest Groups

Interest Groups are a 1 hour time block for campers to spend trying out something they are interested in. Some Interest Groups occur one time each week while others occur twice. Campers choose their favorite Interest Group after Interest Group sales on Sunday night. Interest Group options depend on the week but can range from creative corner, to sling shots, to archery, to outdoor adventure to geo caching, to ukulele’s, science fair and more. There’s surely something that interest everyone!

Wet & Wild Interest Groups

Wet N Wild Wednesday, Messy Monday, Tidy Up Tuesday, and Theater Thursday are a few of the theme days that take place during the course of summer at BBC. Each theme day has a variety of all camp and shelter centered activities related to getting wet, getting messy or whatever the theme is for that day. Whatever the activity, campers have opportunity to have a ton of fun, act a little crazy and make unique memories!

Messy Monday

Wet N Wild Wed

Wet N Wild Wed: WOOOOOO. A day loved by all. From start to finish campers have the opportunity to be wet N wild. The day kicks off with a polar bear swim where campers have the option to swim before breakfast. The morning carries on as normal but the afternoon is all wet, all the time. Activities range from water balloon toss, water balloon volleyball, sponge races, rockin the pond, sponge soaker challenge, the jump contest, the slip N slide and a cookout by the pond. Campers can continue to swim after dinner. The day ends with fireside at the overlook, with a great view of the pond.


Cabin Challenge

Shelter Groups choose from a variety of challenges to complete to earn points for their Shelter. Cabin groups can choose from challenges including, but not limited to, the Frisbee Golf Course, Geocaching, Letterboxing, Service Adventure, Creek Hike, Cooperation Course, Nature Hunt, etc.


Archery: BBC’s archery range offers fun for all levels. BBC staff teach basic archery protocol and skills to beginners while creating more challenging targets for the more experienced archer. Archery is offered as an interest group or a Cabin Choice activity.

Tree House Sleep Outs

Tree House Sleep Outs: We have houses in the trees! At the edge of camp property (15-20 min by foot) 2 shelters sit tall in the trees. Shelter groups decide together if they’d like to sleep in the trees. Campers hike out after fireside and return before breakfast to have a unique experience together.

Disc Golf

Disk Golf: Campers can explore most of camp by completing the Frisbee golf course. It starts and ends at the pavilion with a hole across the pond, near the tubing run and the top of the ball field. A good course for campers learning to throw Frisbee for the first time, yet competitive for campers who are experienced Frisbee throwers.

Geocaching & GPS Games

Find your way to a cache through the woods. Lay down your own track on the GPS handheld device. Learn about waypoints and latitude and longitude points. Find unique locations on camp property to participate in unique activities including private s’more parties, rock painting, journaling, etc. One of the only opportunities to use technology at camp!

Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible: An all camp favorite. Campers are given a mission after fireside to retrieve an item in the forest that is essential to the continuation of camp. Each shelter is given a clue that will lead them to the item. The only hurdle between shelter groups and their destination are the pesky guards shining their flashlights, prepared to send them back to their shelters. First cabin to the pavilion claims the mission impossible title for the week. Win or lose a good time is had by all!

Water Slide

2 Week Interest Groups

Survival Skills

Survival Skills: Another activity for extended sessions and the teen group. Learn different wilderness skills including orienteering, knot tying, wilderness rescue, fire starting, plant and tree identification and more. Bring your own knowledge and learn new knowledge. Learn how to survive the wilderness at camp!

All Property Games

All Property Games: These games are entrusted to the older campers. Campers play games that require them to move all over camp property to achieve the goal. Games range from Gold Rush, Capture the Flag, Man Hunt and others.

Middle School Madness

Middle School Madness: An event created for those in between. Not yet in high school but beyond elementary school, these campers deserve a unique event. The festivities will offer freedom in choice, different locations including the tree houses, pond and pavi, plenty of time to hang out with friends, and options of games, activities, challenges and more to choose from.


Iron Chef

Judges will evaluate a meal made by you and your cabin mates. Each shelter group gets the same ingredients and must work together to make their own unique creation and impress the taste buds of the judges!

Free Time

Coffee House

Coffee House: A teen week only event. Coffee and snacks are served while teens share their talents at coffee house. Share a song, a joke or a talent with your fellow campers and staff or just sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Overnight Trips

Overnight Adventure: Teens go off camp property for a night for a unique adventure. Past trips have included: Soulfest (a Christian Music Festival in NH), White Water Rafting on the Hudson, backpacking to Plymouth State Park, Rock Climbing, etc. Stay tuned for 2013 options. All trips led by trained BBC staff.

Day Trips

Cooking Over a Fire

Wilderness Weekend

Wilderness Weekend: An activity option for extended session campers to try during their weekend at the tree houses. The tree house area is less developed. Campers will attempt to blaze trails around the tree houses to unique vistas and destinations.