A Glimpse of Summer Camp

What if you could spend time with a lot of good people in a really fun place? And while spending time with them, you learned a lot about yourself and how to treat others. What if during that time you got to learn some new skills like how to shoot an arrow from a bow or how to master a challenge course or how to kayak, take a raging river on in a raft? What if you got to hang out in the middle of a pond on a water trampoline or cook all your meals on an open fire? And during that time you were able to create works of art and sing and play games you couldn’t play anywhere else. Would you experience God in that setting? Would you want to go to that place?

Our summer program is all about kids. An integrated program of recreation, eating, nature, worship and living together rounds out our days. Our goal is to share the love of Jesus in a way that brings all the goodness of God, and we welcome campers from all faiths and religious backgrounds (including no religious background). The program focuses around a counselor and his or her 6-8 campers.

Home for the week is a rustic shelter where counselor and campers work together, sharing daily responsibilities of gathering firewood, washing dishes, getting water. Other activities include theme days (Messy Monday, Wet and Wild Wednesday to name two) arts & crafts, nature hikes and studies, swimming, boating, group games, sports and activities on the cooperation course and at the archery range. Visit each session’s page (Below) for details unique to that session.

We don’t discriminate against campers. Whatever your color, race, sex or religion, you’re welcome here.

Smoking and use of alcohol is not permitted on camp property during youth program. All illegal substances are obviously not permitted.