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Learning about Jesus

I am continually encouraged by the ways the campers are learning about Jesus and everything that is spoken through this verse,”You’re blessed when you get your inside world—your mind and heart—put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.” -Matthew 5:8


Group Games

We’ve been playing some pretty awesome group games this summer up on the ball field. Here are a few favorites that were played during Voyager. The last one you will see in this clip is Iron Man tag– a completely original BBC game invented by our very own Sparkles and Cha Cha. The best part is seeing staff dress up in the mad scientist outfit and then ride the bike around the circle in a ridiculous fashion!

Why Video?

I took some time this week to thoroughly interviews my assistants about why they were excited to be in the video interest group and what they hoped to share with their viewers. I think the consensus was that they don’t get a lot of opportunities to use a video camera so this was a unique chance for a new experience and for those who had filmed before it built on a known passion. They recognized that having the campers help create the DVD adds a more interactive element as it includes more people in the process as well as how it can be used to spread the good news about this place – “until the whole world comes to BBC.” “That would be awesome,” they said, until they realized camp would be a little crowded!

Wet and Messy Montage with the Videographers of Voyager

So many campers this week were excited to help video. Unfortunately, so many that I couldn’t take all of them! Here are the six that joined me in my interest group (Grace, Elizabeth, Kearrah, Anna, Maggie and Maria):

This last week provided some thorough coverage of some of the activities I haven’t been focused on this summer, such as group games, Mission Impossible, and the Polar Bear Swim. Notice the multitude of footage from the GOPRO camera. So many campers asked to wear it for any and every activity. It’s always exciting to see the resulting video as it provides a beautiful HD image from the perpective of the participant so that it’s almost like you as the viewer are right there with them!


Interest Groups

90% camper filmed! Here is a segment highlighting all of the interest groups that took place this week!


Learning about Jesus Inside Out

This week we were blessed with Turkey, as he came to be called, as our shepherd. As I began to interview campers about what they had been learning about Jesus that is inside out, it became clear that his teaching was penetrating. Not only could they recite some of the Beatitudes, they could put in their own words what they meant. They understood how Jesus was living in opposition to the ways of the world and how following Him in this could mean life to the fullest, it could produce understanding, peace, restored friendships, joy… That apparently negative things could mean inheriting the Kingdom and being called sons of God.

Talking with the staff about “Why Camp?”

Almost every week the campers are excited about the prospect of interviewing their counselors and other staff members. Since this week was the first week having interns among us helping out, my campers thought it would be good to ask some questions about why they are here at camp. I was impressed by the questions they came up with such as “what inspired you to work at camp?” They said they wanted to ask these questions because so many of the staff this year have never been here before and they wanted to find out more about them. How neat that they recognized this fact and were curious to pursue the motivation behind spending an entire summer having crazy fun with children, cooking food over a fire, and talking about Jesus. I think the staff’s responses in this segment about what or who inspired them are a great way to pass on inspiration to campers who might want to work here in the years to come.


The BEST of Camp with the videographers of Pilgrim

Yet another week has passed. The summer is quickly slipping away. It’s time to get re-inspired, for some new ideas. I’m so thankful that our God is a God of creativity. This past week I had a smaller group assist me than usual, but this allowed for me to really involve the ones who were dedicated to videoing.  We worked as a team with each camper helping to gather footage for all the segments we decided to create. For this segment the campers and I asked other campers what their favorite thing about camp is. I love the variety of answers that resulted, especially as it allowed me to highlight so many parts of camp from the week.


Friendship Favorites

The campers this week always have a well of joy that is very contagious. They get excited by the simple things like swimming and never grow tired of catching frogs. If there’s one thing they are certain about that they can vocalize it’s their preferences. I spent some time this week just asking them about their favorite activities and then capturing them on video.

Although this age group did not allow for them to assist me with the DVD I still tried to let them in on my job whenever I could, even if it was just holding the camera for a few seconds. However, one interview you see in this segment was actually videoed by a camper – I think you’ll be able to tell by the low angle of the shot and the confusion of bodies mid-interview. Although at times this is frustrating because I feel there is a certain disconnect in what you’re watching as it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on what is being said when the camera’s dancing is making you dizzy. Yet I’m also realizing just how much the campers are receiving from being trusted with this important task as well as a certain genuine quality that is evident when the one behind the camera is coming from the same place/level as the one in front of it.