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Final Auction Numbers & Pictures!

Last year, the 9th Annual Benefit Auction happened less than a month after Tropical Storm Irene brought devastating effects to Vermont.  The Auction Committee had a brief meeting to decide whether to continue on with the auction.  We decided to give it a try… the auction raised $31,869 (gross) in 2011.  That was an amazing for the camp auction!  The highest auction number before 2011 was in the mid $20K.

I think auction success in 2011 owes thanks to a gift certificate program to help local business, stirred emotions from things like power outages and road closures and a lot of generous people.

To what does the auction owe it’s success this year?  Over $33,000 was raised (gross) – $33, 538 in fact!  If you were at the auction or inspired by it in any way and have some insight on how this year’s auction raised even more money than last year leave a comment, please.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all those who gave generously to support the mission of Bethany Birches Camp and help subsidize camp programs so any camper can come regardless of financial reality!

Quick Links

Pictures from the day

Auction Item Prices

I love the Annual Benefit Auction!  Thanks to Phil, Billy and Mary,  (Lapp, Sneed & Moyer) we had about 370 doughnuts available at no charge.  There were something like 30 left at the end of the day.  There were about 120 there.  Do the math. Almost 3 doughnuts per person!

There will be more to say about it, but right now, I just wanted to highlight an interesting document – the lot list with prices.  It’s astounding.  When I read through this I think – WHOA – what a faithful group of supporters!

Here’s to all of you that help make the camp happen  😀

2012 auction lot list with prices

Mark your calendars for next September!


Online Bidding Almost Closed

The annual Benefit Auction happens tomorrow! IF you can’t make it, get your online bid in by 7pm tonight!  That’s the last chance – after that, it’s closed down so we can take the bids with us to the auction and bid on your behalf.

For those of you that are coming, or could come, here’s what you can look forward to:

World-change.  Seriously. Supporting the auction is supporting a program that is doing it’s best to change the world by helping young people develop a relationship with the only World-Changer there is – God!

Other reasons to come if world-change isn’t enough:
. Fresh-squeezed cider
. Free lunch
. Chance to win a Jeep
. Home-made doughnuts and potato chips
. Bid while facing an incredible view complete with colorful leaves

Each year, the BBC Annual Benefit Auction helps pay for lots of kids to get to camp. All Proceeds go to help kids who can’t pay, get here.  World change or not, that’s pretty cool.

Details here.

See you tomorrow at 9!


Jeep: A Benefit Auction Raffle

If you haven’t heard, the camp was given a Jeep and it’s being raffled off to get the Benefit Auction started on the right foot (I’m OK if it gets started on the left foot… I guess. I just prefer the right).

Tickets are selling like mad! There’s only 120 tix total.

Here’s the page with details and tix:

Here are some pics:

Auction Raffle Winners

Congratulations to these people – they won the 1st Annual Auction Raffle!

Youth Bicycle: Ryan Newswanger

4 Quarts of Syrup:

  • James Alderfer
  • Mary Jane Crockett
  • Joy Sawatsky
  • Omar Zook
Woodstock Farmers Market Gift Certificate: Mary Moyer
Antique Quilt: Jane Rosenberger
Free Week of Camp: James Alderfer
Sleeping Bag and Foam Mat: Mary Jane Crockett

The raffle page is here

Irene Auction Gift Certifcates

A few weeks ago central Vermont was hammered with rain – here in Plymouth it was about 12 inches in less than 20 hours.  Needless to say, we experienced flash flooding. Some of the businesses around us that support our Annual Benefit Auction got hit hard.  Blanche and Bills, Woodstock Farmers Market and Ramunto’s (below) still aren’t open!  But, not to worry – they will be soon.  To help them get back on their feet, some wonderful people have purchased gift certificates from them.  And, they’ve given those certificates to the auction!  Not in the list below is product purchased from these businesses by Dave and Bev Goshow  (Grandma Cookie-Dough Chaos and Woodchip) and Dorine and Tom Rosenberger.  If you’d like to buy one of these at the auction, say so on the form here.  Enter the business and denomination you’re bidding on in the item code box.

Certificate For            Amount    Donor    

First Stop Ski & Bike Shop    100    Gerry Moore

Blanche and Bills                     25    John Gilman
Blanche and Bills                     25    Marice Kratz
Blanche and Bills                     25    Wendell Gehman
Blanche and Bills                     25    Joyce Leasher
Blanche and Bills                     25    Brenda Bishop

Bridgewater Corners Store    25    Neil Dewar
Bridgewater Corners Store    25    Wendell Gehman
Bridgewater Corners Store    50    Will Bergey
Bridgewater Corners Store    25    Joyce Leasher
Bridgewater Corners Store    25    Phil Bergey
Bridgewater Corners Store    25    Brenda Bishop

Goodro Lumber                        100    Blooming Glen Young Adults

Ramunto’s                                  25    Cynthia Moyer
Ramunto’s                                  25    Brenda Bishop
Ramunto’s                                  25    Earl Godshall

White Raven Drum Works   25    Brenda Bishop

Woodstock Farmers Market  50    Wendell Gehman
Woodstock Farmers Market  50    Will Bergey
Woodstock Farmers Market  25    Joyce Leasher
Woodstock Farmers Market  75    Phil Bergey
Woodstock Farmers Market  25    Brenda Bishop
Woodstock Farmers Market  25    Earl Godshall
Woodstock Farmers Market  100    Beverly Goshow

Yankee Book Shop                     50    Neil Dewar
Yankee Book Shop                     25    Joyce Leasher
Yankee Book Shop                     25    Brenda Bishop

Auction Road Update


Roads in Central VT were badly damaged during Hurricane Irene. Crews have worked hard. 100A is NOT open and will NOT be open on 9/24. Rt. 4, Rt. 100, Hale Hollow and Lynds hill are all OPEN. You will probably need to drive past “road closed” signs. Don’t worry, officials say it’s fine for you to be on these roads (and they are perfectly passable for all vehicles).

The best way to get to camp right now is to get yourself to Rt. 100. Drive to Plymouth and turn on 100A at the Salt Ash Inn. Go up 100A 1 mile and turn right on Lynds Hill. Go up Lynds Hill 2.6 miles and you’re at the auction.  Raise your bid ticket high!

Item of the Day: Day of Carpentry Work

Hi Friends,

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention now.
Today’s Item: A day of carpentry!  Build some shelves, fix your deck, or start on a new project.  If you know a flood victim, offer these necessary services to them.  Paul Derksen of Turning Leaf Houserights has donated a day of his time to the BBC Benefit Auction.
Donor: Paul Derksen.
Learn more: Email Paul at
Bid Now: enter “crptry” on the form.
Happy Bidding.
Tuna (Brandon)

Item of the Day: Ibex Jackets

Hi Friends,

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention now.
Today’s Item: Ibex Solace Jackets!  Men’s Medium and Men’s Large (1 each).
Donor: Rich and Lucy Landis.
Learn more:  These jackets are light and warm.  They are wind & water resistant (that’s how they have to be – can you imagine a sheep or an Ibex with fur that didn’t repel wind or water?!).  They are made from 100% Merino Wool and they won’t make you itch!  Ibex stands behind their wears.
Ibex Jacket Large
Bid Now: enter “jktlrg” or “jktmed” on the form.
Happy Bidding.
Tuna (Brandon)