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Pioneer 2011, Why Camp?

So here is the first BBSee clip from last week, Pioneer 2011. Some campers shared about why they decided to come to camp. It seems to be a generational thing. How awesome to come to the same camp your mom went to. I also discovered a lot of long time campers as well as some Read More >


Review: How have you changed? Staff Orientation

One of the many rewarding aspects of working at a children’s camp is watching the campers change as they learn over the course of the week. It seemed appropiate to ask returning staff and those who went to BBC as a camper how they think they’ve changed over the past year either at college or since working Read More >


Review: Why Camp? Staff Orientation

Last week was orientation for this summers staff. Some were returning from last summer, others from previous summers and many had never been to BBC before, much less any camp at all. In this clip some of the staff reflect on what they might have been doing this summer, such as other jobs or opportunities Read More >


To Each According To Their Need: Price Tiers

Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, which has recently been made into a movie Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 presents ideas that are arguably opposed to the Kingdom of God. Any Rand’s philosophy on the matter of need suggests that people should get only what they earn, regardless of their needs. If you earn it, it’s yours. Read More >

Update From The Board

The main work of the BBC Board of Directors continues to be the definition of the Master Plan and the impact developing program has on facility. We have had a lot of super help from Robert Buchan. Robert is an AIA- and CSI-certified Architect who brings a great set of planning and design skills. Those Read More >

BBC Calendar

2011 June: Summer Camp! For brochure July 10: Summer Camp! 10 Annual Sunday Worship – BBQ – Association Mtg. August 8-31: Summer Camp!  Rent the camp grounds for inexpensive group conference/gathering September 1-30: Rent the camp grounds or bring your family for fall foliage rentals September 24: Annual Benefit Auction – 9am on October 1-31: Rent the cabin for inexpensive Read More >

Social Media

You may have noticed the recent Bethany Birches blog or Facebook page. Maybe cruising around on Youtube you saw the BBC channel. Maybe you even noticed the BBC Twitter feed. Or, maybe you think all this social media stuff is a fad and you’re sad to see BBC getting “sucked in.” Whatever your opinions on Read More >

Comments from Connect Campers

“The best part is being with friends and learning about God and love” Angie “The best part was hanging out with friends and going somewhere you feel apart from the rest of the world” Tori “It’s fun to express your religion and talk about it with other people with- out feeling ridiculed or anything of Read More >