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Late Night Gaga at October Connect

We love Gaga.  And why let the dark or the snow stop us? Had a great time this weekend with many teens.  If you haven’t been to a connect, you gotta make it out for January’s!


October Connect Excitement

Cheeks on what she’s excited for this weekend:   Dew the Dog on what he’s excited for this weekend:


Pack: What to Bring for October Connect

We’re very excited to have people at camp again this weekend! Between work day and teen connect we have a host of fun stuff to do! To be prepared for the weekend, please bring the following: 1. Sleeping bag/pillow (no mats needed, we sleep in beds in the cabin!) 2. Toiletries and towel 3. Change Read More >

Fall Workday Oct. 29

Come one, come all.  Bring your maul (and rake)! There’s plenty of wood (and leaves) to be moved. We have some other projects too a new wood shed and pavilion plastic replacement to name a few.   So join us at 9, when the coffee is hot.  Stick around for lunch, it’s on us. Bring Read More >


Deals on Killington Lift Tickets

Greetings friends! With a few nights of frost over the past week AND forecasted flurries in the mountains AND our seasonal maintenance manager applying to work in snow making departments at nearby mountains, we are gearing up for another winter of snow, beauty and fun! Below is another reminder from Killington to buy reduced price Read More >


Auction Raffle Winners

Congratulations to these people – they won the 1st Annual Auction Raffle! Youth Bicycle: Ryan Newswanger 4 Quarts of Syrup: James Alderfer Mary Jane Crockett Joy Sawatsky Omar Zook Woodstock Farmers Market Gift Certificate: Mary Moyer Antique Quilt: Jane Rosenberger Free Week of Camp: James Alderfer Sleeping Bag and Foam Mat: Mary Jane Crockett The Read More >


Inexpensive Ski Trip + Supporting BBC = WIN WIN!

The other day Tuna posted this picture of me trying to stay ahead of leaf raking. Mowing leaves reminded me of plowing/shoveling snow. My heart sunk as I remembered how much harder it is to both shovel snow and drive in snow compared to leaves! Then I remembered the beauty of winter, the memories I’ve Read More >


Irene Auction Gift Certifcates

A few weeks ago central Vermont was hammered with rain – here in Plymouth it was about 12 inches in less than 20 hours.  Needless to say, we experienced flash flooding. Some of the businesses around us that support our Annual Benefit Auction got hit hard.  Blanche and Bills, Woodstock Farmers Market and Ramunto’s (below) Read More >


Auction Road Update

HOW TO GET TO THE AUCTION ON SATURDAY: Roads in Central VT were badly damaged during Hurricane Irene. Crews have worked hard. 100A is NOT open and will NOT be open on 9/24. Rt. 4, Rt. 100, Hale Hollow and Lynds hill are all OPEN. You will probably need to drive past “road closed” signs. Read More >


Item of the Day: Day of Carpentry Work

Hi Friends, It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction! Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention now. Today’s Item: A day of carpentry!  Build some shelves, fix your deck, or start on a new project.  If you know a flood victim, offer these necessary services to them.  Paul Derksen of Turning Leaf Houserights has Read More >