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Facebook Landing Page Video for Bethany Birches Camp

Well this is just silly (the video, I mean). But it says something, right?

This video (below) will be live on our Facebook Landing page this week. If you haven’t been to our page, you can see it here. You don’t even need to be a Facebook user.

The goal of the video is to quickly show new visitors a bit of camp. The hoped for result is that they would be interested enough to learn more. Do you think this does those three things?

– Tuna

Pricing: Summer 2011

Maybe you’ve been wondering where to find our prices for the upcoming summer.  They’re on the brochure and a few other places on the website. But, they aren’t all that easy to find!  This post is all about summer 2011 pricing.

First of all, choose your own price! $250 OR $300 OR $350 Because all of us have different financial realitites, we want to provide different price points so that your kids can get here. Though Tier III (the highest price) represents our cost, we want you to choose the price that correlates best with your financial reality.

2-week sessions cost are $520 OR $610 OR $700. Our short week, Friendship is $125 OR $155 OR $180.

And, if you need more help, apply for campership/scholarship.  The kids who need it most end up coming to camp for less than $50 sometimes!

Free stuff and discounts

Free stuff and discounts

DVD’s of each week, if you’d like to buy one are:


Other Camp Store items:



Aglow Overall

This summer we’re exploring fire.  Our theme is actually called Aglow.  What does it teach us about our Creator?


Aglow: Summer 2011

This summer we’re exploring Fire?. What does it teach us about our Creator?