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Auction Road Update


Roads in Central VT were badly damaged during Hurricane Irene. Crews have worked hard. 100A is NOT open and will NOT be open on 9/24. Rt. 4, Rt. 100, Hale Hollow and Lynds hill are all OPEN. You will probably need to drive past “road closed” signs. Don’t worry, officials say it’s fine for you to be on these roads (and they are perfectly passable for all vehicles).

The best way to get to camp right now is to get yourself to Rt. 100. Drive to Plymouth and turn on 100A at the Salt Ash Inn. Go up 100A 1 mile and turn right on Lynds Hill. Go up Lynds Hill 2.6 miles and you’re at the auction.  Raise your bid ticket high!

Item of the Day: Day of Carpentry Work

Hi Friends,

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention now.
Today’s Item: A day of carpentry!  Build some shelves, fix your deck, or start on a new project.  If you know a flood victim, offer these necessary services to them.  Paul Derksen of Turning Leaf Houserights has donated a day of his time to the BBC Benefit Auction.
Donor: Paul Derksen.
Learn more: Email Paul at
Bid Now: enter “crptry” on the form.
Happy Bidding.
Tuna (Brandon)

Item of the Day: Ibex Jackets

Hi Friends,

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention now.
Today’s Item: Ibex Solace Jackets!  Men’s Medium and Men’s Large (1 each).
Donor: Rich and Lucy Landis.
Learn more:  These jackets are light and warm.  They are wind & water resistant (that’s how they have to be – can you imagine a sheep or an Ibex with fur that didn’t repel wind or water?!).  They are made from 100% Merino Wool and they won’t make you itch!  Ibex stands behind their wears.
Ibex Jacket Large
Bid Now: enter “jktlrg” or “jktmed” on the form.
Happy Bidding.
Tuna (Brandon)

Item of the Day: Help Flood Victims!

Hi Friends:

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction! Here’s the item I want to bring to your attention today.

Today’s Item: Well, it’s sort of an item.  Remember Hurricane Irene?  A major flood hit central Vermont (see some flooding near camp). Guess where many of the businesses that give to our auction live?  Central Vermont.  Not only does it make it hard for them to give items to the auction they’re hurting! One attempt we’re making this year to help some of them out is to invite anyone who has not been affected by the flood to buy from them.  And then, give whatever you buy to the annual benefit auction.  It’s that simple!  It gives them revenue and us revenue if you donate what you buy to the auction.

Donor: YOU!
Learn more: Visit our website to buy gift certificates or product from these local businesses.
Bid Now: On this item or others.
Happy Bidding.
Tuna (Brandon)

Item of the Day: Adirondack Chairs

Hi again:

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
Here is today’s highlight. Bid online or come to camp Sept. 24 to win this item.
Today’s Item: Adirondack Chairs – two, handcrafted, Red Cedar chairs.
Made by long-time carpenter (and BBC supporter), Dave Beidler these chairs are always in high demand.
Donor: Dave Beidler.
Learn more: call one of the many happy winners from prior years who owns a set of these beauties (I’m one – 802-672-5220).  Did I mention these also fold up for easy storage?

Bid Now: enter code “AdrChr” here. Enter your bid for ONE chair and specify if you want to buy one or two if you’re the winner (remember, if you ask for two and win, you’ll pay your winning bid twice).
See them:
Happy Bidding,
Tuna (Brandon)
All proceeds from the Bethany Birches Annual Benefit Auction support the camp’s summer program which is at the center of all our programming.  You can make a donation here or learn more about the camp’s mission here or learn more about the auction here.
Join us September 24 at Bethany Birches in Plymouth, VT for fun, apple cider and potato chips (seriously… home made potato chips).  If you can’t come, join us online!
Find BBC on Facebook; if you Tweet, find us.

Item of the Day: Forest Savers

It’s almost time for the Annual Benefit Auction!
In honor of that event, I’ll be blogging one very short post each day until the day before the auction (happening September 24 here at camp).
Auction Item of the Day: 1 Full day of work on your property by Forest Savers.
They can build you trails, take down trees, repair your gravel driveway or help you put your driveway back together after the flood!
Donor: Gerry Hawkes.
Learn more:
Bid Now: enter code “forest” here
See a demo:

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All proceeds from the Bethany Birches Annual Benefit Auction support the camp’s summer program which is at the center of all our programming.  You can make a donation here or learn more about the camp’s mission here or learn more about the auction here.  Join us September 24 at Bethany Birches in Plymouth, VT for fun, apple cider and potato chips (seriously… home made potato chips).  If you can’t come, join us online!

Find BBC on Facebook; if you Tweet, find us.

Counselor Snaps on the BBC Experience

Dear BBC Campers,

It gives me such great joy to tell you about my experience at camp.  I had always wanted to be a counselor at a camp somewhere, and I finally got the opportunity last summer (2010), at a small place on a hill in Plymouth, VT, called Bethany Birches Camp, or as I like to call it, “Home.”  I can honestly say that this was the BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE so far!

At camp, I learned a lot about God, myself, and other people through various experiences.  I was able to grow closer to the Lord, while living in a close community of friends who challenged and encouraged me along the way.  Here are some of the highlights of my experience last summer…

1)    Singing at Firesides.  This was so fun because we used hand motions while singing songs, and often times, I found myself grow closer to God during these times.

2)    The Slip N’ Slide on Wet N’ Wild Wednesday.  With dish detergent all over my shirt I was able to go super fast down the hill!

3)    Sleeping in the tree houses.  It was like a sleepover every time!  Story telling, giggling, and eventually sleeping.

Those are just a few examples of what Bethany Birches Camp is like, and there are so many other things to be excited about when you come to camp, such as baked oatmeal for breakfast; the interest groups that you can participate in; games on the field, and cabin chats.  BBC has something for everyone.  It is a place where you can feel free to be yourself, learn about nature, try new activities, learn how to work as a team, and learn more about God.  There is something there for everyone, so I urge you to consider coming this year!  I hope to return to BBC next year, and to hear about your experiences!


To Each According To Their Need: Price Tiers

Ayn Rand’s novel, Atlas Shrugged, which has recently been made into a movie Atlas Shrugged: Part 1 presents ideas that are arguably opposed to the Kingdom of God. Any Rand’s philosophy on the matter of need suggests that people should get only what they earn, regardless of their needs. If you earn it, it’s yours. If you need it, well, you can’t have it until you earn it. She believed that this would create a society full of contributing individuals. Consider that.

Now, consider Acts 4:32-35 from The Message:

32-33 The whole congregation of believers was united as one— one heart, one mind! They didn’t even claim ownership of their own possessions. No one said, “That’s mine; you can’t have it.” They shared everything. The apostles gave powerful witness to the resurrection of the Master Jesus, and grace was on all of them. 34-35 And so it turned out that not a person among them 5 was needy. Those who owned fields or houses sold them and brought the price of the sale to the apostles and made an offering of it. The apostles then distributed it according to each person’s need.

I realize that Ayn Rand may not have seriously considered the Reign of God as a legitimate economic model. That doesn’t mean Bethany Birches shouldn’t. Since the beginning of BBC in 1965 we have tried to offer a unique camping experience, creating a community of love with whomever joins and we’ve tried to do this at a low price. While a camping community is a different version of the church than what we see in Acts, there is much similarity.

Obviously, offering something to someone for less than what it cost to provide that something runs up a deficit somewhere. Let’s put this in the context of camp. If it costs us about $400/camper, and we charge $200, there is $200 of expense remaining. Who will pay the remaining $200? Enter: donors.

Bethany Birches was initiated with a donation of land. And since that very first day, our story has been one of people providing money, time and oth- er resources to make the camp pos- sible; an ongoing illustration of God’s provision for kids to have a special, faith-developing experience.

In a board meeting in 2010 we were discussing these issues around the topic of pricing. We talked about the fact that some of our camper families have much resource and some have very little. Enter: tiered pricing.

We are now well into the first summer season using a tiered pricing structure. The highest tier is about what we figure it costs to have a camper at camp (no profit built in). Both of the lower tiers are donor-subsidized rates. Could we consider this a Kingdom economic model? Or perhaps foolishness? Maybe it’s a system easily taken advantage of. Whatever you call it, we’re trusting that the Christ who inspired the craziness in the book of Acts will continue to inspire us and show us a way so that “not a person among them was needy.”


Update From The Board

The main work of the BBC Board of Directors continues to be the definition of the Master Plan and the impact developing program has on facility.

We have had a lot of super help from Robert Buchan. Robert is an AIA- and CSI-certified Architect who brings a great set of planning and design skills. Those skills have been invaluable in helping the board make good progress in understanding the requirements of the plan and facility as we move along. Robert’s close work with Brandon has been a key motivator of the process. We have been 7 looking at lists of space recommendations and sketches of how those might fit together. These combine with thoughtful work by Amber and Brandon on what the program staff needs to successfully serve our growing program in the coming decades. It’s really satisfying to begin to see how these could be a positive part of our growth.

The board has also begun to think about our policy coverage. While we’re against a huge boxful of unremembered and useless rules, we have realized that our coverage is a little thin in a few critical areas. A lot of these areas orbit around our interface to the evolving online world. As people are more “wired” into the culture all the time, we need to allow our staff to move freely and safely in both the physical and virtual domains, but also protect privacy and well-being of staff and campers alike. With the rise of social media as a force in marketing and the direction of campers’ lives, we strive to ensure the staff connects with campers and constituents in positive ways.

Finally, the board members are pleased and excited to look forward to the hard, satisfying, tiring, lovely, and excellent work the staff and many volunteers spend the Summer doing. We are so thankful for all the extraordinary people who give in so many ways to our mission: to help young people to develop their relationship with God by providing them with a Christ-centered camping experience in a natural and nurturing environment. Thank you for all you have done for BBC in the past and will do in the future!

Scott Hepler, BBC Board Member