All About BBC Staff


Greetings! In considering Bethany Birches Camp for a summer read how past counselors have described their BBC
Experience (they were limited to one sentence).

“An awesome action packed journey over mountains and through valleys all while serving and praising God with friends and children of Christ”

“BBC is intense risk grounded in the steadfastness of God’s love.”
~ Rico

“Seeking, finding, learning about, experiencing, sharing and being shown the love of Jesus through the day-to-day process of living in communion with amazing, challenging, inspiring people–all beloved children of God.”
~ Elvis”

An opportunity to live in community with and learn from individuals dedicated to living for Christ by loving
people and loving the environment.”
~ Dot

“During my summer at Bethany Birches, I made close friends, I got to know myself better, and most importantly, I got to know God better.”
~ Scoop


Many of our campers come to us from social service agencies and from local families who do not regularly attend church. We are an outreach ministry since it is here that many campers first hear of Jesus’ unconditional love. We try to be an image of Christ for the campers in our daily interactions so that they can come to know him through us as we have fun together at camp. Bethany Birches Camp is rustic with a perspective of learning and leading through adventure.

Counselors are responsible for 4-8 campers when at the shelter site—cooking meals, leading Bible study, leading interest groups (crafts, hikes etc.) and helping create a lived experience of Christian community. We swim in the pond, explore the woods along nature trails, worship, and enjoy team building on our low ropes course. Some activities are done with the whole camp, but many are done by shelter group so that intimate relationships can be formed. A week-long orientation the third week of June, prior to the arrival of campers gives staff anopportunity to learn the skills needed to be a successful counselor including how to build a fire and cook on it,first aid, and leading devotions.

Each week, the campers arrive on Sunday afternoon and go home on Friday evening. There is a three year age span each week and the schedule changes from age to age randomly. See the schedule on our website.


We pay counselors $160/week for the summer (8 weeks). Room and board is provided to all summer staff and
volunteers, some non-counseling positions are paid differently. We have a Staff Matching Program, and it works
like this: You raise a dollar, we match it up to $320 total or $40/week. If staff return for a second summer,
there is college scholarship money available. You may raise as much money as you want in addition to the money
we match. However, you will only be able to receive $2400 total for the summer. Any extra money you have
raised will go toward the cost of operating camp.

Example A:BBC pays $1280
Counselor raises $320
BBC matches $320
$1920 in cash taken home +
Room and board $800 ($100/week value)
Total compensation = $2720
Example B:BBC pays $1280
Counselor raises $900
BBC matches $320
$2400 in cash taken home +
Room and board $800 ($100/week value)
Total compensation = $3200


Weekends are off – yours to do what you will. 2-3 weekends out of the eight will be different than the others. These are for our staff bonding trip, additional training for a special week, and putting on a church service at camp. These special weekend will be announced at the beginning of staff training, and we will still make sure all staff have at-least 24 hours off.

Counselors will be at camp from the third weekend in June through the second weekend in August. Cooks, video staff and program staff will have a slightly different schedule but it’s mostly the same.

Please contact us for information or to ask any questions that may help your discerning process.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Brandon Bergey, Executive Director
Dan Laubach, Program Director