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Discover 2011, Favorite Activities

This week was the first of the summer to play mission impossible. At every camp I’ve ever been to, this game has been the craze and so I was not surprised that many campers chose it has their favorite camp activity. I love seeing the campers’s excitement, there is an incredible energy surrounding this game.  Then you can’t forget the pig trough, the best way to eat ice cream, and the GaGa pit which, as one camper thoughtfully pointed out, brings kids from many different cabins together and allows you to meet new people. Oh and I almost forgot, unique to this messy monday- the jigglin toe pick-up!!

Discover 2011, Why Camp?

This week during registration we had a chalk board set up in the center of the pavilion. I wrote the questions: why camp?,  How are you feeling about being at camp? and What is your favorite camp activity? and then encouraged campers to write their answers while I filmed. On monday, I continued to ask the question why camp? specifically how they heard about BBC. Again there seems to be a generational theme and my favorite answer, “because I had nothing better to do?” I’m mean, what could be better than camp?!

Counselor Snaps on the BBC Experience

Dear BBC Campers,

It gives me such great joy to tell you about my experience at camp.  I had always wanted to be a counselor at a camp somewhere, and I finally got the opportunity last summer (2010), at a small place on a hill in Plymouth, VT, called Bethany Birches Camp, or as I like to call it, “Home.”  I can honestly say that this was the BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE so far!

At camp, I learned a lot about God, myself, and other people through various experiences.  I was able to grow closer to the Lord, while living in a close community of friends who challenged and encouraged me along the way.  Here are some of the highlights of my experience last summer…

1)    Singing at Firesides.  This was so fun because we used hand motions while singing songs, and often times, I found myself grow closer to God during these times.

2)    The Slip N’ Slide on Wet N’ Wild Wednesday.  With dish detergent all over my shirt I was able to go super fast down the hill!

3)    Sleeping in the tree houses.  It was like a sleepover every time!  Story telling, giggling, and eventually sleeping.

Those are just a few examples of what Bethany Birches Camp is like, and there are so many other things to be excited about when you come to camp, such as baked oatmeal for breakfast; the interest groups that you can participate in; games on the field, and cabin chats.  BBC has something for everyone.  It is a place where you can feel free to be yourself, learn about nature, try new activities, learn how to work as a team, and learn more about God.  There is something there for everyone, so I urge you to consider coming this year!  I hope to return to BBC next year, and to hear about your experiences!


Pioneer 2011, What have you learned?

I had no idea what to expect when I started asking this question. Had they really taken fireside and shelter chats to heart, enough to remember something meaningful? Well, I underestimated 8-10 year olds. This makes me think of one of my favorite verses. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” -I Timothy 4:12. These kids are an inspiration. Their unabashed faith and boundless love never ceases to amaze me. As for them, what better place to grow in Him than here in his magnificent creation with the example of their counselors. I felt it was important to included some counselors speaking during shelters chats, and then show how the campers responded to demonstrate this mutual growth. I love the passion I hear in the words of the counselors and the honesty in the revelations of the campers.